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Diamond Aircraft — DA 42M-NG

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Diamond Aircraft - DA 42M-NG - Изображение 1Diamond Aircraft - DA 42M-NG - Изображение 2Diamond Aircraft - DA 42M-NG - Изображение 3
  • Марка и модель: Diamond DA 42M-NG
  • Год выпуска: 2010
  • Тип: Поршневой двухмоторный
  • Состояние: б/у (ресурсный)
  • Регистрационный номер: RA-01720
  • Топливо: Автомобильное
  • Количество мест: 5 и более
  • Страна: Россия
  • Регион: Москва
  • Город: Москва
  • Аэродром: Домодедово
  • Контактное лицо: Продавец
  • Номер телефона: +79262697604
  • Опубликовано: 20.07.2016 12:20


VIM Airlines” has Diamond Aircraft — DA 42M-NG (DoM: 2010) and VisionMap A3 Photo Camera System. DA 42M-NG aircraft powered by two piston engines with very low fuel consumption. This aircraft had been designed by Diamond Aircraft Industries as multifunction aircraft with possibilities to use it as a pilot training aircraft, or airtaxi, or family aircraft with standart Nose Corn (available), and also to perform special missions due to a additional Nose Pod (available), which allow to install photo and scanner equipment for smarter geospatial products & visual intelligence purposes. The aircraft is registered in Russian Federation with Tail Number as RA-01720, but all of the airworthiness and maintenance tasks were performed in accordance with EASA Regulations (Requirements) using the Manufacturer’s engineering support and qualified staff of MRO approved by EASA. His Certificate of Airworthiness is valid up to May of 2017. Our Twin Engine Aircraft DA 42 M-NG (MSN: 42.MN003) with 4 seats, including Pilot’s place, was manufactured 17.03.2010. He accumulated only 656 :36 FH and 452 FC (since new). This aircraft is powered by two Prop Engine E4 (AE 300) manufactured by Austro Engine. L/H Engine (ESN: E4-B-00063) had been made 01.10.2009 and accumulated 656 :36 FH / 452 FC (since new). R/H Engine (ESN: E4-B-00065) had been made 19.10.2009 and accumulated 656 :36 FH / 452 FC (since new). Both of these engines equipped with props MTV-6-R-CF/ CF 187-129 (L/H MSN: 071491 and R/H MSN: 071492) manufactured 06.12.2007. Last 100 HRS maintenance on this aircraft was performed 17.07.2015 by EASA MRO approved staff inside Russia in Kazan (Tatarstan). Also we have a A3 Photo Camera in serviceable condition, manufactured by VisionMap. It is a modern Photo Camera for performance of any special missions (Aerial Survey & Mapping; Oblique Imaging & 3D Modeling; Imaging for the Environment; etc.) and was delivered from Manufacturer with this aircraft together. In addition, as was mentioned in Specs of DA 42M-NG (see attachment), our aircraft has two variations for usage due to nice modification, which was performed in manufacturer’s facility before delivery: — the first is operation with the standard exchangeable Nose Cone (available) for pilots training, or as a family aircraft for traveling, or as airtaxi, or as a business aircraft; — the second one is flights with an optional Nose Pod (available) instead a standard nose cone for special missions performance due to possibilities for installation of wide range of additional equipment — photo cameras, scanners, sensors and observation equipment (for example: to install VisionMap A3 Photo Camera System or Riegl Laserscanner System, or Vexcel Sysytem). Even, taking in an account these unique capabilities of aircraft, our asking price for this multifunction aircraft will include a big discount. “VIM Airlines” wants also to sell VisionMap A3 Photo Camera System, which is in serviceable condition and includes onboard A3 Photo camera components, Advanced Ground Computer System (Cluster) Components and Ground Processing Software Components. Our asking price for all components of the listed equipment of A3 Photo Camera System will include a big discount too. We can sell aircraft with A3 System together or separately — aircraft and VisionMap A3 Photo Camera System to various customers.

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